Community engagement is integral to the mission of UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

To support that mission UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA have launched the Helping U Help Your Community competition to seek innovative solutions to critical health issues in the Los Angeles region. This competition will identify the most transformative partnerships between UCLA faculty and community partners, and then fund community-partnered research or service-learning projects most likely to make a difference in the health of Los Angeles and beyond.

Effective involvement of affected communities is essential when addressing health needs. UCLA’s goal is to boost health and erase healthcare disparities by bringing together academic institutions with diverse partners like neighborhood organizations, health-service providers, businesses, philanthropic supporters, governments, and the broader community.

This competition will reward partnerships proposing actionable solutions that (a) provide short-term relief to critical health needs in the local community, and (b) promise long-term benefits and sustained impact. These needs will be determined based on those conditions associated with the greatest morbidity, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, AIDS, depression and violence.

Many worthy community-based research proposals lack funding, and so the Helping U Help Your Community competition provides seed investment to support projects until further investments are obtained.

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